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Technical Careers at Sumo

We seek out developers who are interested in innovating as well as more straight forward integrating. It is quite rare that our projects are able to use a product straight out of the box, so our approach has to be aligned. 

Members of our dev team need to be able to confidently discuss their approach to a project. Their creative input is a critical element in the long term success of our projects. 

Our team consists of people who understand technology and not just how to use it.  They can listen, understand and interpret a client's needs in layman's terms.  They understand that a good experience with their creations goes further than just following a client brief to the letter. They are confident with their talents and know that the small touches really count.

We're always looking for talented contractors for our projects: Front End Devs (comfortable with any number of JS libraries as well as HTML and CSS), Back end Devs (typically in the .Net C# space) as well as mobile app developers (both native and using tools like Xamarin).

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