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Project Overview

Decimal is a technology platform designed to enable financial enterprises of any size, in any location, to add an end to end online advice and fulfillment experience to their financial products. With an incredibly intelligent system in hand, they approached us to help build the digital experience between financial advisers, customers and the platform. The intention was to create an effortless, engaging process that facilitated faster, compliant online advice.

We worked closely with the in-house development team at Decimal to craft a dual perspective experience for the Adviser Console (back-end) and Client Console (front-end). The Adviser Console prioritised efficiency and access, providing advisers with the ability to quickly navigate large volumes of information spread across many clients and convert this into compliant financial strategy. The white label Client Console required an engaging, stress free approach for collecting data, encouraging users to explore financial scenarios using the power of Decimal’s big data cloud.

Our Challenges

Harnessing the power of the Decimal cloud and a functioning system architecture we embarked on devising interfaces that provided two unique experiences.

The Adviser console required a streamlined workflow, built on a logical information architecture to facilitate powerful access and automation of financial advice.

The Client Console needed to be more approachable. We crafted an easy and engaging experience that used rich imagery, and a warm tone of voice to put clients at ease and encourage exploration of financial opportunities.

The Solution

Using a scalable, dashboard based structure and clean, card based content approach for the Adviser Console we were able to categorise large volumes of information and facilitate a faster workflow for advisers. Aesthetics were kept minimal, with colour used purposefully to indicate status, and custom iconography developed to promote speedy navigation of categories and information.

A multi-step input process, and dynamic infographic elements in the Client Console turned a potentially stressful task into an easy and effortless experience. Allowance for branded elements within the console meant providers could tailor messaging and positioning for clients as required. 

Services Demonstrated

App Development, Design and Strategic Planning